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Crawl Space Rodent Waste Removal

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Rats, squirrels, and raccoons may be interesting to observe while outside, but they are a nightmare if they have infested your home. Typically they choose an inconspicuous space like your crawl space to nest and breed. Once they get comfortable, they breed quickly and create all sorts of headaches in the process of making themselves at home. If left unchecked, you could be dealing with dozens (if not hundreds) of pests. They often cause uncanny destruction to your house, such as:

  • Damaging your insulation 
  • Chewing/gnawing electrical wiring 
  • Leaving their droppings behind

Not only are they detrimental to your home, but they also pose a serious health risk to you, your family, and your pets. If given enough time, damages caused by pests can equate to significant and expensive repairs. Furthermore, damage caused to your insulation will inevitably increase the load on your HVAC system while increasing your heating and cooling costs. 

Common Issues Caused By Rodent Droppings

One of the most underrated issues caused by rodent infestations is the droppings they leave behind. Not only can rodent feces causes disease, but once rodents find their way into your kitchen, you also have to worry about food contamination. Many homeowners call Attic Projects for our animal waste removal services due to the following problems that it causes:

  • Unwanted odor
  • Food contamination
  • Spreading of disease
  • Mold growth
  • Deterioration of your walls and other structures

How Attic Projects Gets Rid of Rodents

Before we begin rodent waste removal procedures, it is imperative that we rid your home of these pesky animals. Our first step is to thoroughly inspect how the rodents made their way into your home. We then identify all entry points (roof, chimney, plumbing, vents, crevices, holes, etc.). 

Once identified, our team of animal waste removal professionals permanently seal openings that they have used in the past and those they may use in the future. This step makes it easier for our team to trap and exterminate the pests that are trapped inside. 

After we have ensured the removal of the rodents, we begin our animal waste removal process. Our rodent waste removal begins with cleaning (vacuuming and fogging) your crawl space and getting rid of the current urine and feces. With the scent gone, you no longer have to worry about it attracting more pests into your crawl space. All cleaning agents that we use kills germs, as well as mold and disease-causing pathogens. 

Restoring Your Home After Animal Waste Removal

Rodent waste removal and rodent extermination are important, but not the final step. During our clean up process, we utilize the expertise of building and renovation professionals to repair the damage caused to your crawl space and insulation. 

Furthermore, we identify and repair any structural damage caused by rodents and their feces. Our rodent waste removal services help to ensure that you can use your crawl space again, the bad smell is gone, your air quality is improved, and you can enjoy your clean home once again. 

Why You Should Work With Us

Attic Projects is the leader in animal waste removal for a reason; we offer the most comprehensive and effective rodent waste removal services in Seattle. We ensure that the pests and any trace of them are erased from your home. Additionally, we offer a customer satisfaction guarantee for our rodent waste removal services that all come with a warranty. Our quotes are free, and our prices can’t be beaten. Our licensed technicians are ready to tackle any job, no matter the size. 

Don’t wait to reclaim your crawl space. Contact Attic Projects to schedule your free estimate for our animal waste removal services today!

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