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Rodent Proofing Attic Services

Feeling safe and secure in your home is something everyone should want for themselves. A worst-case scenario for you and your family could be a rodent infestation, especially when they're in your crawl space, walls, or attic. That is when you should really be worried. Just the thought of it can make anyone uneasy. Pests and rodents taking over your home can cause extreme damages, foul odors, and immensely unsanitary environments. What's worse, is they can also spread diseases, damaging your family’s health. 

Humane rodent removal is the safest and most effective option for you, your family, and the rodents. 

This means we will remove the rodents and take them to a new location, unharmed. Humane rodent removal isn't just good for the rodents, but it is the safest and best option for your family. Humane Rodent Removal involves:

  • Humanely removing the rodents and transporting them to new locations
  • Keeping your family safe from poisons and decomposing rodents
  • Providing a permanent solution to your rodent problem - they won't be coming back!

Contact Attic Projects if you even slightly believe that you may have a rodent infestation. We will give you a free inspection and when confirmed, we will remove the pests or rodents humanely and prevent future infestations.

Early Signs of Rodent Infestations

This page can send anyone into a panic, thinking they have an infestation, but it’s important to know how to determine if you have one. Determining that you have an infestation can be tricky, especially when they are hiding in places you can’t see, or hardly check like your crawl spaces. Here are some signs that should alert you.

Rodent droppings are a good way to determine an infestation. If you are noticing rodent droppings, you should give Attic Projects a call right away to establish how bad the infestation is.

There are many ways that rodents can get into homes. Their narrow bodies allow them to squeeze through open cracks in your crawl spaces, even as little as a penny. Gaps can be missed by the naked eye, won’t be missed by these rodents. Rodents look for shelter, easy access, nesting areas (insulation), warmth, and passages to the rest of your home. 

Rodent infestation signs include:

  • Sounds of scurrying, scratching or squeaking
  • Evidence of gnaw marks or electrical wires that have been chewed
  • Insulation that has been damaged
  • Grease or dirt smudges
  • Noticeable decrease in airflow from your air ducts
  • Foul odors that don’t have an origin

How Vital is Removing Rodents from a Home

The presence of rodents is very bad news for your family, your home, and yourself. Do not put off taking care of a rodent problem no matter how small you may think the infestation may be. The longer the pests or rodents are hiding in your home, the more harm and damage will be caused.

Protecting Your Home

Infestations are bad for homeowners because of the potential of damage that pests and rodents can cause to your home. Not only can they chew electrical wiring, but they can also destroy insulation and chew through your pipes. If you wait too long, these damages can turn into major expenses for you to fix, and sometimes irreversible. Without repairing the damages properly, the value of the home can plunge.

Not only can rodents chew through your insulation, but they also leave behind their droppings and waste throughout your home. Not only will you need rodent removal, but also insulation removal and get new insulation installed due to the contamination from the pests and rodents. 

Protecting Your Health

Homes aren’t the only things at risk when you discover an infestation. Your health and your family’s health can be jeopardized. Respiratory problems and allergic reactions can be triggered due to your home being invaded by rodents. Dangerous viruses can also be transmitted by these pests and rodents. For example, Hantavirus can be contracted and lead to Hanta Pulmonary Syndrome, a deadly respiratory disease. They can also carry ringworms and tapeworms that can infect your family, you, and even your pets.

Even the smallest infestation can ruin the health of your family. Taking care of a rodent problem before it becomes a major issue is critical.

Why Should Rodent Removal Be Humane?

Although rats, mice, and other rodents or pests can cause major problems, they live beside us and contribute to the natural environment we live in. They don’t mean to cause as much harm as they do, but unfortunately, they can cause a significant amount of damage. Although they need to be removed from your home, we can do it humanely. 

Killing Rodents Won’t Solve All Your Problems

We at Attic Projects, proactively proactive removing rodents humanely, not only for your benefit but also for the rodents. The main reason we promote humane removal is that we want to ensure the rodents won’t be returning to your home. Extermination is known to cause bigger issues than any we have discussed. 

There are three main reasons we use human removal methods:

Long-Lasting Solutions: Lethal exterminations don’t offer permanent solutions. Not only do we remove the rodents, but we also rodent-proof your home. Rodent proofing offers long-lasting solutions to all rodents and pest problems and sends a message to other rodents to move out of the area. 

Making Sure the Process is Safe: Poisons and traps help as a temporary solution to your problem, but it is not effective in keeping you and your family safe. Using poisons in your home to get rid of rodents could inadvertently put your family at risk and cause harm. 

Reducing Your Suffering and the Rodents: Not only does extermination take up to a few weeks to produce results, but it also can lead to prolonged suffering for your family and the rodents. It can take longer for them to be exterminated, prolonging their droppings and ruining of electrical wires and insulation.

The Issues that Traps and Poisons Cause

Although rat/mouse traps and poisons are a popular method of extermination, they aren’t the most practical solution for many reasons.

They not only cause unnecessary suffering for the animals, but they can also be ineffective in eliminating rodents. When you only rely on traps and poisons, there is nothing preventing more rodents from infesting your home. Plus, spreading poisons in your home can pose a giant risk for you, your family, and any pets you may have. Poisons can cause unwanted illnesses and even death if ingested in any form. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence. 

An effect that you might not want to hear is that traps and poisons can lead to the animals becoming stuck in your walls, even after ingesting the poison or being caught in a trap. There is no way to remove them when this happens. 

Stop Rodents and Pests from Returning Permanently

If you suspect there are rodents in your home, or you want to prevent this from ever happening to you, Attic Projects is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about permanently removing rodents from your home and to get a FREE custom quote. We proof your crawl spaces once they are removed and all other entry points to prevent rodents from returning.

Rodent Proofing Attic Services

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