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Crawl Space Insulation Installation

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Does Your Crawl Space Need Cleaning?

The crawl space under the floor is often depicted in scary movies as a place where monsters and otherwise undesirable houseguests lurk. While untrue (in most cases), there is certainly potential for other types of unsafe situations to arise as a result of not cleaning or maintaining your crawl space. 

Unknown to most homeowners, your crawl space can negatively impact your health and your home’s energy efficiency. Fortunately, you can trust Attic Projects, the experts in crawl space cleaning in Seattle, to ensure your crawl space is an asset to your home and not a detriment. If you are wary about crawling into the deep dark abyss underneath your home, give us a call to schedule an estimate today.

What’s Lurking in the Crawl Space?

Any number of dangerous situations could be lurking in your crawl space. 

Moisture and Mold in the Crawl Space

For starters, moisture can lead to several expensive issues that can be detrimental to your health, especially if there is, or has been, a water leak in the basement or nearby your home. Trapped moisture is the perfect breeding ground for mold, mildew, and fungi. Furthermore, moisture in your crawl space can rot wood and damage crawl space insulation. Crawl space cleaning in Seattle is especially necessary for such a consistently damp and wet climate.

Animals Living in the Crawl Space

Unfortunately, moisture is not the only thing that you need to worry about. Animals love to make themselves at home in crawl spaces. The most common crawl space dwellers include rats, mice, raccoons, and bats. They see it as a safe and warm place to hunker down and build a family, and while great for them, it can be dangerous, uncomfortable, and scary for you. Not only will their feces and urine compromise the structural integrity of your home, but it can also encourage the growth of dangerous bacteria that’s unhealthy for your family. Furthermore, decomposing rodent bodies emit an awful smell that is sure to ruin Sunday dinner.

Is Your Health at Risk in Your Home?

If family members suddenly display certain uncontrollable and unexpected allergic symptoms like a stuffy nose, asthma, sneezing, acute bronchitis, or itchy/watery eyes, you may be dealing with a dirty crawl space. Though not a certainty, chronic health conditions could be the result of a crawl space that has not been regularly cleaned and maintained. Maintaining your home's crawl space is an important aspect of keeping the air in your home safe for you and your family. 

A Dirty Crawl Space and Your Home's Energy Efficiency 

Most people pay attention to the insulation behind the walls and in the attic. But, the crawl space insulation is just as important to the overall energy efficiency of your home. 

From mold, dust, and debris to poorly done insulation, standing water, and rodent infestations, a dirty and clogged crawl space could mean your HVAC unit is working overtime to heat and cool your home. If you notice high energy bills, your unmaintained crawl space could be the culprit. 

Stop wasting energy and money, and avoid a costly repair by seeking help from our Seattle crawl space professionals.  

Crawl Space Cleaning Services

What You Get With Crawl Space Cleaning from Attic Projects

Most people don’t take pleasure in the thought of cleaning a crawl space. Mold, debris, standing water, and rodent infestations are enough to shock homeowners. If you notice declining air quality or poor energy efficiency, or if you recently suffered from a water leak, you need professional crawl space cleaning ASAP. It’s not recommended to do the job on your own. Contaminated and dirty crawl spaces are best left to the professionals. 

Is your crawl space due for a cleaning? Give the number one company for crawl space cleaning in Seattle a call to handle it for you. When you work with Attic Projects, you can be assured you receive the following: 

  • Removal of debris, dust, sagging insulation, animal carcasses
  • Cleaning of structural beams, removal of mold, mildew, and fungi
  • Removal of degraded insulation 
  • Use of professional-grade cleaning products and equipment


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