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Get More Space in Your Home

Attics are often one of the most overlooked areas in the home. While many people do use attics for storage, or even convert their attics into extra living space, not all attics are built the same. 

Before you use your attic for storage or extra living space, you should have an attic professional come in and inspect the area to make sure it is safe for use. An attic professional will let you know what type of construction or additions may be needed.

Attic Construction and Framing

Most attics are constructed with the exclusive purpose of framing your home’s ceiling. Before you decide to turn your attic into storage space, you need an attic professional to inspect the attic joists to ensure it can handle decking. Many homes’ attic joists are not constructed to hold anything more than ceiling drywall.

Attic joists that are 2 X 6s or 2 X 8s are not adequate to support flooring. Even if the joists are larger, they still might be unable to support the additional weight. A technician from Attic Projects can inspect your home’s attic joists to see if they are constructed to hold additional weight. If they cannot support more weight, the technician can add structural support and bring it up to code to support more weight. Before using your attic for anything – contact an attic professional.

Using an Attic for Storage

If you are solely looking to use your attic for storage, an Attic Projects professional can work with you on ensuring the joists are secure enough and then place the proper decking. From there, technicians will work with you on the type of access you will need to your attic. Most attics have a small opening for access, but many are not built with a ladder for easy entry. Our technicians can provide advice on what the best access method may be for your attic.

Temperatures can vary greatly in attics, and some items are not advisable to store without risking damage. Our attic professionals will determine the temperature level of your attic and advise you on what items would be okay to store there.

Converting an Attic to Living Space

Are you interested in converting your attic into an extra bedroom or maybe a bonus room? Attic Projects can work with you on determining if the current structure of your attic will support the extra space. They can also work with you on a detailed quote for the project. 

Many factors go into converting an attic into a living space, including:

  1. The current structure of the attic?
  2. If it’s even feasible to convert it?
  3. What sort of heating, cooling, or ventilation may be needed?

Before We Frame Your Attic

Before our professionals begin converting your attic for storage or living space, we may need to clean your attic. Some attics are havens for rodents or other wildlife. If we notice evidence of rodents or other animals, we will need to remove them from the attic and clean up the mess they leave behind.

When cleaning up rodent waste, attic professionals use a variety of fogging and vacuuming techniques to rid the area of waste and sanitize the area from harmful germs and bacteria. 

We then inspect the entire attic space and seal up any holes or cracks where rodents are entering. 

Finally, our professionals will recommend whether or not your attic should be sanitized before starting construction on your new space.

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