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Attic Sanitation/Decontamination

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What is Attic Sanitation?

Attic sanitation is not your typical attic cleaning. Instead, attic sanitation and decontamination involve a thorough cleaning of your attic that could take several days, depending on the extent and severity of the issues. When attic sanitation is necessary, it is usually because harmful toxins like mold, debris, or animal waste are present in your attic. 

After an animal infestation from rodents, raccoons, bats, insects, or other forms of wildlife, the material left behind often contains harmful germs that can make the air in your home unsafe. Your attic may also be full of mildew and moisture, causing fungus and bacteria to spread.  

Attic sanitation from Attic Projects uses professional-grade disinfectants to kill any bacteria that may be leftover, leaving you with a clean, germ-free attic!

Musty Odors in the Attic: What’s Causing the Smell?

 Have you noticed a musty odor in your home? Or a musty smell coming from your attic? Musty odors are characterized by a damp or wet staleness that lingers for long periods of time. Musty odors and mold can cause allergies and health-related issues.

If you notice a musty odor coming from your attic, there is a good chance the problem is caused by mold. 

In Washington state’s wet and humid climate, you’ll find mostly two types of mold: Black Mold and Green Mold.

Black Mold: Appears mostly in dark, damp, warm, and humid areas of your home. If your home has a source of moisture, black mold can grow. It’s obvious to spot by the color, but prolonged exposure can cause allergic reactions or health issues. Some people will suffer frequent headaches, rashes, fever, sneezing, coughing, or even chronic fatigue. 

Green Mold: Appearing in gray, green, brown, yellow, or gray in color, most homeowners will find green mold growing on and inside walls, carpets, and insulation. Green mold prefers wet places, regardless if it’s warm or cool. 

How Attic Projects Gets Rid of Mold

Wherever there’s excess moisture, there can be mold spores. Mold spores float in the air, attaching to household dust. 

Attic Projects specializes in finding the source of the mold and removing it from your attic. Removing mold is a task homeowners should never do on their own, as mold can be extremely toxic. Without the right tools and cleaning sprays, you may not fully eliminate the problem and instead push mold spores and particles into the air of your home.

If there is mold in your attic, that means water is somewhere in your attic. When Attic Projects comes to remove mold, they will dry out your attic, decontaminate and sanitize your attic, and find the source of the mold and eliminate those pesky musty odors for good. 

Cleaning Up After Rodents and Animal Infestations

Attic animal infestations are messy and dangerous. Rodents and other animals carry harmful germs and bacteria that could make everyone in the home very ill. Additionally, animals in the attic quickly become a nuisance by chewing holes through just about anything, including electrical wires, insulation, and walls. 

The waste left over from animal infestations shouldn’t be removed by the homeowner. Instead, attic sanitation professionals like Attic Projects should be called in to clean up after an animal infestation. The professionals will decontaminate your attic using germicidal sprays, killing any bacteria and disease-causing pathogens. 

Attic sanitation professionals will also remove any animal waste in the attic and close up the entry points to prevent rodents and other animals from returning. 

What’s Involved with a Professional Attic Sanitation

Do I Really Need to Sanitize the Attic?

If your attic has an animal infestation or mold, Attic Projects highly recommends you sanitize the attic. Attic sanitation will remove bacteria, mold growth and spores, pest droppings, and any germs from your attic. Attic sanitation should only be completed by a professional.

Our Attic Sanitation Services

  • Before your attic is sanitized, attic sanitation professionals will come and inspect the entire area looking for pest droppings, mold growth, and any other health hazards. 
  • Next, they will inspect electrical and HVAC or any plumbing located in the attic. 
  • All insulation material will be removed to provide a full view for the inspection.
  • Attic Project professionals will look for the source of the issues in your attic. They will identify where pests are coming in and close up entry points to ensure pests cannot get back inside your home.
  • In the case of mold, the professionals will look for the source of water. 
  • After, technicians will use disinfectants to kill germs, fungus, bacteria, and mildew.

Do you have foul odors coming from your attic or hear the scampering of little paws from above? Stop living with a mold or animal infestation, and seek help from professionals immediately.

Along with full attic sanitation services, Attic Projects offers several different services in the Seattle or surrounding areas to keep your home hygienic and safe.

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