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Gable Fan Installation

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Keep Your Attic Cool And Dry With A Gable Fan

Since heat rises, the warmest room in any house is the one closest to the top. For most homes, that room is the attic.

The attic needs to have adequate ventilation to prevent it from getting too hot or humid. Poor circulation within an attic can lead to heat and moisture damage and make your living area uncomfortably hot.

A gable fan can help. It’s an exhaust fan installed inside the attic. The ventilation a gable fan provides keeps heat and moisture in your attic from accumulating.
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How a Gable Fan Will Benefit Your Home

Reduces overall home temperature. The attic acts as a buffer between the outside air and the livable parts of your home. When the attic gets too hot, it becomes less effective as a buffer, and your home becomes uncomfortable. A gable fan restricts the upward rise of hot air to the attic, making it easier to control the temperature throughout your home.

Reduces attic moisture. The heat inside an enclosed area can lead to humidity, resulting in moisture damage to construction elements or even mold or mildew growth. A gable fan circulates the attic air to prevent the excessive buildup of heat and moisture.

Lowers utility bills. HVAC systems use a lot of energy and cost a lot of money. The more one can control their home's temperature with other factors like a gable fan, the less work the HVAC needs to do, and the more money the homeowner saves in energy expenses.

Protects roof and other construction components. Uncontrolled attic heat can lead to structural damage to vital parts of the home. Roof shingles can age or warp when exposed to too much underlying heat. Nearby insulation, wiring, and plumbing fixtures can also suffer heat or moisture damage. A gable fan can prevent these components from ruining too quickly, which helps to cut down on repair and replacement costs.

Is a Gable Fan Right for Your Home?

A few factors come into play when judging the effectiveness of a gable fan. For one thing, there should be enough space on the eaves and sides of the attic to allow for the installation of the required soffit vents.

Gable fans tend to be more effective in attics that are correctly air-sealed. Otherwise, the fan may pull conditioned air out of the living area, making the HVAC work harder to keep the temperature throughout the home comfortable. If your attic holds any HVAC equipment, it too should be well-sealed and insulated for a gable fan to work properly.

Gable fans work in combination with attic insulation. In some attics, the insulation might be more than enough to regulate heat and moisture, so the addition of a gable fan may not make much of a difference. In other homes with less sufficient insulation, a gable fan can be of great benefit.

Proper Gable Fan Installation Matters

The success of a gable fan depends largely on how it’s installed. If it’s not positioned correctly or is placed where it can’t generate sufficient ventilation throughout the attic, it won’t work as well.

Since it’s an electrical component, a gable fan must be installed to maximize energy efficiency. If it’s improperly wired or configured, the gable fan will cost more to use, to the point where it’s no longer a cost-effective solution.

What Makes a Gable Fan Different

Gable fans, like other attic fans, regulate the air inside a small, compact area in the home. This makes them different from whole-house fans, which typically work best in drier climates to keep the entire home cooler in warm weather. Gable fans work all year round, maintaining attics adequately ventilated to keep homes cooler in summer and prevent ice damage in the winter.

Another attic fan choice is the roof-mounted fan, which is installed over a vent hole in the roof onto a base of plastic or metal, surrounded by shingle sheets from the roof. A roof-mounted fan generally covers less cubic feet than a gable fan, so it won’t keep an attic quite as cold.

Why Choose Attic Projects to Install Your Gable Fan?

Attic maintenance is Attic Projects' sole focus. We keep Seattle's attics and crawl spaces in prime condition because they play a massive role in keeping homes comfortable and energy-efficient.

Our attic expertise includes a gable fan installation. We have extensive experience preparing attic ventilation systems and know exactly what to do to ensure that your home gets the most out of a gable fan, as well as our many other attic solutions. Our satisfied customers would undoubtedly agree.

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