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Attic & Crawl Space Services For Real Estate Agents

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The most important component of the real estate agent and client relationship is trust. Without trust, it can be difficult to close deals, get referrals, and attract new business. One of the most effective ways to earn the trust of your clients is to show them that you have their best interest at heart. When you recommend an attic and crawl space inspection, you could be saving your clients from purchasing a home that is in need of major repairs. If these issues are not uncovered before the sale of the home, it could lead to further problems down the road, including lawsuits. 

Insisting that your client has their attic and crawl space inspected will strengthen the relationship that you have with them. Furthermore, it could save them from making a poor investment and/or spending thousands of additional dollars making repairs. Our attic and crawl space services for real estate agents are unrivaled.

Why You Should Recommend Attic and Crawl Space Inspection

Having a property inspected is nothing new. Most real estate agents already recommend that homebuyers work with a reputable home inspector. Unfortunately, most traditional inspectors are not trained to inspect rarely trafficked and hard to reach areas like the crawl space and attic. 

Typical inspections of those areas consist of a quick look around. This lack of knowledge and expertise can lead to a number of unfavorable issues for homebuyers and sellers. Some potential issues can include:

  • Poor Air Quality: A poorly ventilated attic or crawl space can cause a buildup of mold and mildew. This will cause the quality of air to drop precipitously. Poor air quality can lead to major respiratory issues. Typical home inspectors may recommend that you replace contaminated parts or areas, but will not know how to fix the problem. 
  • Pest Infestation: Our well-trained attic and crawl space inspectors understand the signs of a pest infestation and know what to do to banish them from a property. 
  • Potential Structural Damage: A dirty attic and crawl space can cause structural damage to a property over time. Making repairs to a home’s structure can be very expensive and frustrating for your clients. 

An Attic and Crawl Space Inspector Will Save Your Client’s Money

In addition to the structural damage that a poorly kept attic or crawl space can cause, it can also negatively affect your client’s heating and cooling costs. Damaged or inadequate insulation in these areas can make it more difficult for your HVAC system to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Recommending that clients have their attic and crawl space inspected can save them a lot of money upfront. 

Whether it gives them greater negotiating power, encourages the seller to fix the problem, saves them from making an overall bad investment, or confirms that the home is in good condition, attic and crawl space inspections can go a long way for making your clients happy. 

Partnering With Attic Projects

It doesn’t matter if your client is buying a property or selling one, attic and crawl space inspectors can potentially save your client thousands of dollars. Partnering with Attic Projects protects your client’s best interest and enhances your reputation at the same time. Don’t allow your clients to go into a sale or purchase blindly, ensure that they have the attic and crawl space thoroughly inspected before any contracts are signed. If you are in the Seattle area, contact Attic Projects today to learn more about our attic and crawl space services for real estate agents!

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