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Attic & Crawl Space Services for Home Sellers

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In most cases, selling your home can be incredibly stressful. In the process of meeting with realtors, buyers, and mortgage brokers, there are often things that homeowners forget. One of the more important and often overlooked steps is having your attic and crawl space thoroughly inspected. Neglecting these areas can cause major problems during negotiations and potentially cost you a lot of money that you likely did not budget for. 

Most homeowners that have put their home on the market are aware of the importance of working with a home inspector. However, not all home inspectors are created equally. Many are not trained or equipped to conduct proper inspections of your attic and crawl space. These areas often require more attention as well as expertise to be able to identify key areas that are in need of improvement, repair, or replacement. Our attic and crawl space inspection gurus know what to look for and are ready to search those hard to reach areas that most inspectors have no idea about. Our goal is to make sure that we uncover any issues that can potentially thwart or delay the sale of your home.

Why It’s Important to Inspect Your Attic & Crawl Space Before Selling

Selling your home at or above market value is not always a given. If a buyer takes a look at your home and gets it thoroughly inspected before you do, it is possible that they will uncover issues that you were not aware of. This could negatively impact the value of your home and/or your negotiating power. Furthermore, potential buyers may not feel comfortable purchasing a home from you if they find issues with your attic or crawl spaces that you did not previously disclose. 

How Our Inspections Are Different

At Attic Projects, our attic and crawl space inspection specialist takes pride in searching hard to reach areas and conducting a thorough inspection of your property. Learn more about the key elements of our inspection process below. 

Conduct an Inspection of Your HVAC System

If your HVAC system is compromised, it can cause decreased air quality within your home, poor air circulation, as well as higher utility bills. As you can likely guess, no potential buyer wants to walk into those types of issues. We inspect the overall functioning of your HVAC system. Furthermore, we address potential HVAC issues in your crawl space areas, such as problems with your vapor barrier, excess moisture, and other types of issues that cause inefficiencies.  

Check Your Insulation 

It’s imperative that your insulation is up to standard and has the appropriate “R-Value.” We look for insulation that may need to be removed because it is dirty, unsanitary, worn out, contaminated, and/or riddled with excess moisture or mold. These problems can cause respiratory issues, higher utility bills, and potentially costly repairs if not quickly addressed. 

Look for Signs of Wildlife

Rats, mice, bats, raccoons, and just about any pest you can think of, love to get comfortable in an attic or crawl space to make it home. Our inspectors are well trained and have an eye for signs of pest infestations. Our rodent proofing strategies ensure the elimination of rodents and the prevention of further infestations. 

Carefully Search Often Neglected Areas

Most home inspectors glance over the crawl space and attic. Our inspection specialist search for evidence of water damage, fire damage, pest infestations, mold, mildew, excessive moisture, damaged floorboards, etc. 

Working With Attic Projects

It’s better to uncover potential issues before a potential buyer does. Negotiation is all about leverage, and when a potential buyer notices major issues with your attic or crawl space before you do, you lose much of your negotiating power. Work with the professionals at Attic Projects to ensure that you are selling your home in top condition so you can get top dollar. Contact us today to schedule your attic inspection before you put your home on the market.

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