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Attic & Crawl Space Services For Home Inspectors

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You may be thinking something like, “I’m already a home inspector, why would I need to work with an attic and crawl space inspector as well?” That’s a great question. The answer is that crawl space and attic inspections help to enhance traditional home inspections and ensure that all bases are covered. 

Benefits of Working With an Attic Home Inspector

From identifying air leaks to uncovering ventilation issues, an attic home inspector helps to ensure that your client is totally informed about a property’s strengths and weaknesses before they buy or sell. This information will help them save money while enhancing your reputation as a thorough home inspector. 

Experts at Identifying Insulation Issues

If the attic is not appropriately insulated or is prone to leaks, it can make for higher utility bills in the summer and winter due to the extra strain placed on your HVAC system. Furthermore, a poorly insulated attic can cause an unhealthy buildup of mold and mildew. Notifying homebuyers and sellers of insulation issues will save them a lot of money on potential repairs, devaluation, and/or from major health issues.

Uncover Ventilation Issues

Attics that lack proper ventilation can lead to a buildup of mold, mildew, and rot. Replacing certain materials may fix the problem in the short term, but it is not a permanent solution. Our attic home inspectors are trained to uncover ventilation issues and tackle them head-on. If we find a problem, we will always recommend a longterm solution. After all, there is nothing worse than giving a homeowner the green light on a home inspection and then have them suffer health conditions due to a return of mold or mildew. 

Save Your Clients Money

An attic home inspection can be an asset for any home inspector that is interested in enhancing their reputation while saving their clients money at the same time. Our professionals are experts at uncovering rodent infestations, ventilation problems, inefficient insulation issues, and more. When clients are armed with this information, it can help them to make informed decisions about the property that they wish to buy or sell. 

Why a Crawl Space Home Inspector in Necessary

The attic isn’t the only place that needs special attention during an inspection. The inspection of the crawl space is also necessary to ensure that a thorough inspection has taken place. Unfortunately, an unchecked crawl space can be a breeding ground for unwanted rodents and pests. Furthermore, they can encourage a build-up of moisture which can lead to the growth of mold and mildew. Our crawl space inspectors know what to look for and how to improve attic and crawl space areas. Conducting such a thorough inspection will help you to look good and ensure that your clients are well informed before they move forward in a real estate transaction. 

Partnering With Attic Projects

Our attic and crawl space services for home inspectors help to take your home inspection services to the next level. Working with the attic and crawl space professionals at Attic Projects will enhance your reputation and your revenue streams. By developing a relationship with Attic Projects you provide your client with top-notch service while generating a nice referral fee for yourself. Contact our professionals to learn more about our Attic and Crawl space services for home inspectors today.

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