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Attic & Crawl Space Inspections For Home Buyers

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In the midst of buying a new home or selling your current home? As you likely know, a lot goes into either of these decisions. What’s often forgotten about is the important role that the attic and crawl space play in the evaluation of a home. However, any seasoned real estate professional will tell you that attic and crawls space inspections help to uncover vital information about the overall health of a home. 

Attic and crawl space inspectors help to ensure that the new home that you are considering buying meets the appropriate safety and efficiency requirements. Our inspectors know what to look for and how to address any issues that may arise during the inspection.

How Our Inspections Are Different

General home inspectors are great at finding typical issues that can occur within a home. However, what they are not so skilled at is finding problems that are hidden in your crawl space and attic. 

These issues, if left unfound, can be masking expensive and potentially dangerous problems. Can you imagine buying a new home, just to find out later that you have to make major repairs simply because the attic and crawl spaces were never properly inspected? Neither can we. 

Our expert inspectors are well trained and experienced with identifying potential problems within the hidden corners of your new home before they create much bigger and more expensive issues. 

What We Look for When Inspecting Your New Home

You may be wondering just what you need to look for when inspecting an attic or crawl space. Learn more about the four main areas of your crawl space and attic that we pay close attention to below.

Air Flow Throughout Your Home

Our attic inspection specialist thoroughly inspects your HVAC system. During the inspection, we check the integrity of the ductwork, ensure there are no leaks, survey the quality of your insulation, and check for general signs of wear and tear. If there are issues with your HVAC system, it could negatively impact the air quality within your home as well as raise your utility bills. Furthermore, we inspect your crawl space. If it is dirty, it could put a strain on your HVAC system as well as erode the structural integrity of your home. 

Check for Proper Insulation 

Proper insulation is essential in any home. Our attic and crawl space professionals check that your insulation has the appropriate “R-Value” to ensure that it meets current standards. Furthermore, checking the insulation in older homes is necessary to know if there has been a fire in the past, water damage, or if the insulation is dirty or unsanitary and needs to be removed and replaced. 

Look for Evidence of Wildlife Damage

No one wants rodents or other types of pests making their attic or crawl space home. If there are signs of mice, rats, raccoons, bats, or any other type of wildlife, our professionals will uncover it and understand what steps should be taken to remedy the infestation and ensure that it does not happen in the future. 

Inspect Often-Forgotten Areas

We believe that it is important to conduct a deep inspection of your attic and crawl spaces. Our team of specialists will inspect your radiant barriers, check for mold and mildew, and look for evidence of excess moisture. Furthermore, we search for signs of pest infestation, water damage, and/or fire damage. Before saying yes to that dream house you found, be sure to get your attic and/or crawl space inspected first. Contact Attic Projects to get a free quote and set up your appointment.

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