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Crawl Space Insulation Removal

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Does Your Crawl Space Insulation Need Updating?

A properly insulated crawl space helps keep energy costs low, maintain safe indoor air quality, and ensure your home is comfortable during a hot summer or cold winter. 

However, like with most other things in life, insulation does not last forever. In many cases, crawl space insulation removal and insulation replacement are eventually necessary. Though it may be tempting, removing insulation on your own is not always the best idea. 

Give the professionals at Attic Projects a call to handle your needs for insulation removal in Seattle. 

Reasons to Remove Insulation

There are many things worth holding onto in life; ineffective insulation is not one of them. The three most common reasons for crawl space insulation removal include water damage, old age, and rodent infestation. Learn more about each below. 

  • Water Damage: Crawl spaces are particularly susceptible to water damage, especially in Seattle’s excessive rain, moisture, and humidity. When insulation gets wet, it is no longer effective and encourages mildew and mold growth. Both of which can lead to health issues. 
  • Old Age: The older the home, the more likely it's time to invest in crawl space insulation removal and replacement services in Seattle. Modern insulation is much more effective due to its higher R-Value.
  • Rodent Infestation: Rodents are notorious for urinating on and chewing through existing insulation. In this situation, insulation replacement is highly recommended.

Why Hire Professionals to Remove Insulation?

In an era of DIY, it is hard to fight the temptation of tackling insulation removal on your own. While it is certainly possible to accomplish, you may find the job a lot more dangerous and challenging to carry out than you initially expected. 

Ethical insulation removal in Seattle requires old insulation to be safely disposed of. Furthermore, removing installation without the proper equipment and protective gear can be harmful and expose you to dangerous contaminants. 

After the insulation is removed by a professional crawl space insulation removal company, they can assess your crawl space and expertly install new insulation. Attempting to handle this task on your own is not recommended unless you are properly trained professional.

Crawl Space Insulation Removal Process

The process of insulation removal will vary depending on the type of insulation installed in your crawl space. Our insulation replacement and renewal experts will assess your current insulation and the best methods and tools for removal.

Listed below are the general steps we will take to guarantee safe insulation removal in Seattle. 

  1. Use protective gear and close off areas where insulation particles could escape. We want to make sure we keep your old insulation contained. This is especially true if it has been contaminated by mold, mildew, or rodent and animal waste
  2. Remove the insulation. The method of crawl space insulation removal we use will largely depend on the type of insulation that you currently have. 
  3. Safely dispose of your insulation. Many types of older insulation are considered toxic and should not be taken to the landfill. There are other methods of disposal that are safer for the environment. 

Insulation Removal in Seattle

Benefits of Clean Insulation

Crawl space insulation replacement has many benefits. For starters, you can expect lower heating and cooling bills. New installation in your crawl space can also help eliminate drafts and keep your floors warm during the winter. Clean insulation will also improve your indoor air quality as well as prevent the growth of mold and mildew. 

Overall, insulation removal from Attic Projects can vastly improve your experience as a homeowner and make your environment much more comfortable. 

Contact the Crawl Space Insulation Removal Experts at Attic Projects or Give us a Call at 425-516-1055 for Your Custom Estimate Today.

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