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hantavirus mouse

Is Hantavirus Something You Should Worry About?

If you’ve been paying attention to the news or social media lately, then you’ve seen all the news about COVID-19, but you may have ...
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how to tell if you have mold

Warning Signs You May Be Living With Toxic Mold

As a homeowner, you have many things to worry about. Discovering mold, especially a toxic mold, can sometimes be overwhelming. Discovering mold can take ...
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types of toxic dangerous mold

10 Dangerous Molds That May Be Lurking in Your Home

If you live in a moist climate like Seattle, you should always be aware of how the moisture in the air could affect your ...
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crawl space cleaning services

Crawl Space Cleaning Do’s and Don’ts

You clean your home on a regular basis, but have you ever thought of cleaning your crawl space? Most people give little thought to ...
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clean ductwork for clean air in your home

Most Common Duct Problems In Your Home

Air ducts are like the arteries of your home. They keep the air flowing and help keep the temperatures comfortable. Air ducts also help ...
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what is a vapor barrier

What is a Vapor Barrier and Is It Necessary?

If your home has a crawl space, you might need to install a crawl space vapor barrier. A vapor barrier keeps your crawl space ...
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biggest causes of mold in the attic

The Biggest Causes of Mold in the Attic

The idea of mold forming in your home can be a scary thought. Mold is extremely toxic to your health and not something you ...
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How to keep animals out of your home's crawl space

How to Keep Animals Out of Your Crawl Space

Crawl spaces are places where animals can target as a way to enter your home. Having an infestation of animals in your crawl space, ...
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Why crawl space inspections are important

Why Crawl Space Inspections are Super Important

Your crawl space is a part of your home that can be easily overlooked, as you likely spend a small amount of time in ...
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How to kill mold in the crawl space

How to Kill Mold in Your Crawl Space

Spotting mold in your home’s crawl spaces is sure to bring a large amount of anxiety for any self-respecting homeowner. Mold can quickly wreak ...
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Preparing crawl space for winter

How to Prepare Your Crawl Space for Winter

Your crawl space is an important part of your home, one that shouldn’t be forgotten simply because you don’t use it very often. As ...
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What items you should never store in your attic

Top Attic Storage Mistakes to Avoid

Let’s face it. No matter how much space we have in our homes, eventually we begin to collect more than enough possessions to fill ...
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Removing insulation can be hazardous to your health

Why You Should NEVER Remove Insulation on Your Own

There are many reasons why you may need to remove your home’s insulation. A rodent infestation can damage your insulating material beyond repair. Insulation ...
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keep your attic in shape

How to Keep Your Attic in Tip-Top Shape

Frequently, attics are the most forgotten part of the home. Much to the chagrin of attic service professionals, many homeowners rarely check on their ...
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radiant barrier california homes

Is a Radiant Barrier Right for Your Home?

Attics can be abysmal places in the summertime. They can hold moisture, harbor unwanted pests, and trap an abhorrent amount of heat. Many homeowners ...
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removing rodent droppings from attic

How to Remove Rodent Droppings in Your Attic

Have you recently noticed the presence of rodent droppings in your attic? Are you both horrified and eager to remove the rodent droppings as ...
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Got A Spray Foam Attic? 3 Reasons to Remove the Insulation

If you own your home, you’re probably not thinking about removing any insulation. Even if you have a long to-do list, there are a ...
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When to have air ducts inspected?

When to Have Air Ducts Inspected?

When a person thinks of the most vital components of their home, usually the first images that come to mind are the furnace, windows, ...
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What happens during attic sanitation and decontamination

What Happens During Attic Sanitation and Decontamination?

If you own your own home, at some point you will need to have a proper attic decontamination job completed by a professional attic ...
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Preventing fires from starting in your attic

How to Prevent Fires from Starting in Your Attic

An attic is one of the most common places where a fire can originate in your home. The Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) estimates ...
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How does attic insulation work

How Does Attic Insulation Work?

If you own your own home, you’re probably aware that insulation is an important component to keeping your house warm or cool, depending on ...
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What to look for in the attic before buying a home.

Buying a Home? Here’s What to Look for in the Attic

When buying a home, often the last thing you are thinking about is the current state of the house’s attic. The uppermost part of ...
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Why you should hire a professional for insulation installation

Why You Should Hire a Professional for Your Insulation

Cooling is a significant chunk of your electric bill and increasing insulation is a cost-effective way to lower your energy bills and consume less ...
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How rodent proofing your attic can protect your health

Why Rodent Proofing Your Attic is Good for Your Health

As if waking up in the middle of the night to squeaking and scuttling in your walls isn’t unsettling enough, rodents can actually pose ...
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Three reasons to remove insulation

3 Reasons to Remove Insulation

Insulation is not always a matter of adding more. Often times, you’ll actually want to remove and replace some of your home’s insulation. These ...
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Signs your home may be underinsulated.

Signs Your Home May Be Under-Insulated

Maintaining an optimal temperature in the home during the colder and hotter months is a challenge. Whether it’s drafty rooms or a home that ...
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attic insulation removal

How A Dirty Attic Could Be Making Your Family Sick

Cleaning out your attic is probably not your idea of a fun weekend. However, neglecting this small space can cause unimaginable health issues to ...
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Not Cool Enough This Summer? Your Insulation Could Be The Problem

During summer, the last thing you need to worry about is a hot house. Nothing is as uncomfortable as tossing and turning on sweaty ...
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5 Signs That Your Attic Needs A Cleanup

Nobody enjoys cleaning the attic. In fact, most people would rather forget that it’s there completely. Unfortunately, though it is hidden, the attic is ...
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Top 5 Reasons To Have The Attic Inspected First Before Buying That House

You have found your dream house, it is beautiful and the offer has been accepted. However, before you move to the next step and ...
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