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Are Birds Nesting in Your Attic?

Attics can become home to all sorts of pests, and that even includes birds! Like rodents, birds can make a mess of your attic space – dropping feathers, building nests, bringing in insects – all of which can ruin your attic space and bring bacteria and disease into your home.

Signs of Birds in the Attic

Attics are great spots for pests. You may think that birds wouldn’t want to make a home in your attic, but Attic Projects professionals have seen it all! Birds can get in through holes, gaps, and windows that are not sealed. Birds like attic spaces because they are a safe, secure area away from predators. Signs that you have birds in your attic include:

  • Chirping, singing and fluttering noises
  • Scratching noises
  •  Insects
  •  Evidence of bird droppings
  •  Foul odors
  •  Birds near your eaves

Calling on the Professionals to Remove Birds

If you suspect birds in the attic, it’s best to call in a professional for an inspection. Birds bring in diseases and germs, and professionals have the proper gear and ventilation equipment to avoid exposure to anything hazardous they may carry. Professionals are also fully-trained in humanely removing birds from your attic.

The Damage Birds Cause 

Destroyed Insulation

Birds can make a mess of your attic. They will find anything nearby to use for building nests. In fact, your insulation is great material for a bird’s nest! When birds rip up insulation, it leaves gaps and holes, making it inefficient. You might even see your utility bills go up. 

Health Concerns

Birds also carry mites and ticks which can live in your insulation. Infested insulation is not safe for humans. Just like rodents, bird droppings carry disease and attract other pests that like to feed on the droppings. You don’t want to inhale these airborne pathogens, nor do you want the parasites these droppings attract in your home.

Professional Bird Proofing: What You Need to Know

If you believe you have a bird infestation in your attic, contact an attic professional immediately. Here are the general steps we take to fully clean and bird proof your attic: 

  1. Our technicians will thoroughly inspect your home and attic. If birds are present, they will be humanely moved, along with any eggs or nests. Once birds are eradicated, a technician will seal off any entryways to prevent birds and other pests from entering your attic again.
  2. After sealing entry points, a technician will either sanitize or clean your attic. During the attic cleaning, a technician will remove any debris brought in from the birds and clean up the birds’ waste as well. This should only be completed by a professional who has access to the proper equipment and high-grade cleaning products. 
  3. Once the attic has been cleaned, it may be required to sanitize and decontaminate the space to ensure there are no longer mites, pests, and bacteria. This can be done through fogging. Again, only a licensed attic professional should complete this task.
  4. Depending on the damage, it may be necessary to remove any ruined attic insulation and install new insulation. Our attic professionals can determine whether your insulation is salvageable or not. Many times after a bird infestation, it is best to remove the insulation and replace it with clean insulation.

Bird Proofing Services in Seattle

If you think you have birds in the attic, give the pros at Attic Projects a call. An attic full of birds can do substantial damage to your home while harming your health. If you’re suffering from a bird problem in the Seattle area, contact our team of licensed and bonded professionals today.

Our bird-proofing technicians can provide a free estimate on removing the birds, as well as recommend any other services needed to keep your attic safe and sanitary. Get a custom estimate or contact Attic Projects today!

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